Family Above All

wp-1470144288755.jpgThe day I am writing this is Monday, August the first! It is a special day because today I am celebrating the birth of my firstborn daughter, 23 years ago. What a precious moment that was! Early this morning I was so eager to sing Happy Birthday to her on the phone. I put comical pictures of her on facebook because I wanted her to know much we love her. She changed my life forever and blessed it in so many ways.

Having children really changed everything about my life. Before that I concentrated on my own needs and my desires. I did what I wanted when I wanted and how I wanted it done. Then suddenly, I was put on a schedule, which was completely new to my very carefree life. I suddenly had a feeding schedule to follow and I hardly slept for  three months. I knew I loved this bundle of nerves that wiggled and screamed because nobody would have put up with what we did without unconditional love.

I remember doing the colic dance with my newborn while waiting for my husband to return from his work at 12:30 am. As soon as he walked in the door I handed her over to him and tried to catch a wink. Then, at about 2:00 am, I took over again, often putting her on top of the dryer in her little car seat or rocking her as I tried to hear the TV above her screams.

wp-1470143661424.jpgAnd then it happened. It may have been the visit to the chiropractor or something else unknown, but she stopped her fussiness and settled down to a happy little four-month old.

My new baby was the first in our family, and the first grandchild as well. She had tons of stimulation and we thought she was brilliant. Every new advancement was registered and any concern was immediately checked out,

Even though we were as cautious and as diligent as we could be, accidents happened and tears were shed. Broken arms (twice!) and broken hearts took time to heal. Many hours were spent talking and sharing, challenging and correcting. Being a mother was the most important task I had ever been given and I took my responsibility very seriously. Later I had two other equally beautiful and talented children. I wouldn’t change that for anything.

wp-1470143803642.jpgHow does all this relate to my artist blog? Because my family came first above all else. They gave me joy and filled my home and heart with wonder, love and a motivation to push myself to new levels.

In our home, art was part of our everyday lives. The table was often occupied by various projects like colouring, painting and sculpting. I loved having children as it gave me a great excuse to try new things with them. My creative side grew and changed right along with the kids.

I know it is possible that some of you do not have the privilege of raising children, but no matter whether it is your own family or those you take time to invest in, just know that the art that comes from your hands is not made up from the material you use or the time you put into it. The masterpiece you make is the product of a lifetime of being you. Live and love and build and glean from each moment God gives you and watch the masterpieces unfold before your eyes

I’d love to hear some of your memories of doing art in your household when you were a child. If you have children, please share some of your family activities. It may just give some inspiration to another young family so they can grow in their artistic traditions!

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  1. Marsha Mosher

    Beautiful letter Debbie. I felt your emotion right down to the baby on the dryer!! Like all new moms I was convinced my child was unique. And of course he was. Thank you for sharing your experience. It has me now thinking…xxoo

  2. Elaine Laraway

    This is well written Deb. I know that your family is priceless. It is due to the time and patience that you give to them and the continued care and love involved. There is much talent in your family, again a labour of love and inspiration. May you all continue in supporting, encouraging and inspiring each other along life’s way.
    Aunt Elaine <3

  3. Debra Mosher Roy

    Thanks Aunt Elaine- It sure is wonderful to have your support …All those birthday and Christmas bags filled with art supplies were well used but your presence in our lives has been the most important gift of all.

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